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Print astronomical and pixel coordinates in a standard format


This procedure (ASTrometry DISPlay) prints the astronomical and
pixel coordinates in a standard format. X,Y must be supplied. RA,DEC
may also be supplied, and a data number (DN) may also be
supplied. With use of the Coords= keyword, a string containing the
formatted data can be returned in addition or instead (with /silent)
of printing.

Calling Sequence

ASTDISP, x, y, [Ra, Dec, DN, COORD = , /SILENT ]


X - The X pixel coordinate(s), scalar or vector
Y - The Y pixel coordinate(s), scalar or vector

Optional Inputs

RA - Right Ascension in *degrees*, scalar or vector
DEC - DEClination in *degrees*, scalar or vector (if RA is supplied, DEC must also be supplied)
DN - Data Number or Flux values
Each of the inputs X,Y, RA, DEC, DN should have the same number of

Optional Input Keywords

SILENT Prevents printing. Only useful when used with Coords=


Printed positions in both degrees and sexagesimal format
All passed variables remain unchanged

Optional Keyword Output

COORDS Returns the formatted coordinates in a string

Procedures Called

ADSTRING - used to format the RA and Dec


10-AUG-90 Version 1 written by Eric W. Deutsch
20-AUG-91 Converted to standard header. Vectorized Code. E. Deutsch
20-NOV-92 Added Coords= and /silent. E.Deutsch
Converted to IDL V5.0 W. Landsman September 1997

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