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ANGLE_BETWEEN_TWO_VECTORS This function will compute the angle between two provided vectors (or arrays of vectors) in n-space.
ARRAYS_ARE_SAME_SIZE This function will check if two provide arrays are the same size. This routine only checks the dimensions (no other characteristics are considered).
BB_RADIANCE This function will return either the spectral radiance(s) at a specific wavelength or at a discrete set of wavelengths provided in an array or it will return the spectrally integrated radiance across a bandpass specified by the wavele...
BB_TEMPERATURE This function will return the blackbody temperature corresponding to either the provided spectral radiance or the spectrally- integrated radiance at the specified wavelength or within the specified bandpass.
BILATERAL This function performs bilateral filtering of a greyscale or multi- band color image. The filtering is based on a Gaussian distribution in both the distance and range domain and depends on the user-provided standard deviations in both...
CANCEL_PROGRAM This procedure deletes all windows created by the calling routine, closes all files, and destroys the calling routine/widget.
CREATE_DCT_MATRIX This function computes the DCT matrix that can be used in place of the discrete cosine transform for square, two-dimensional block data. This matrix, M, is used as Y = M ## X ## M' to compute the DCT, Y, of the square, two-dimensional...
DCT_BLOCK This function produces a block DCT image (or its inverse) from the provided input data.
DCT1D This function computes the one-dimensional discrete cosine transform (or its inverse) of the provide vector.
DCT2D This function computes the two-dimensional discrete cosine transform (or its inverse) of the provide two-dimensional data array.
DELTAE This function returns the computed color difference (deltaE) between two (2) provided RGB color triplets. The triplets are converted to sRGB (0-1), converted to tristimulus values (XYZ), converted to CIE L*a*b* where the color differe...
DOT_PRODUCT This function will compute the dot product between two provided vectors (or arrays or vectors) in n-space.
DP_RADIANCE_CALIBRATION This user-interactive procedure will produce calibrated radiance files from the sample and downwelling measurement files created by the D&P Instruments Model 102F MicroFT or the Model 202 TurboFT. This calibration requires the cold an...
ERROR_MESSAGE This procedure creates an error message modal dialog box.
FACET_VERTICES_TO_PLANE_COEFFICIENTS This function will compute the coefficients of a plane equation of the form Ax + By + Cz + D = 0 from a set of triangilar facet vertices. The surface normal can also be computed if desired.
FAST_CORNER_DETECTOR This function will return a 2xn array of corner coordinates identified in the provided greyscale image.
FILL_REGION This function will use morphological operations to fill the interior region of a provided boundary image.
FIND_CENTER This function will look at a cluster of pixels in a binary image and determine the mean coodinate of that cluster. It is assumed that there is only ONE cluster of pixels in the provided image. If there are more, then the mean coordina...
FIND_CLUSTER_CENTERS This function will find the centroid coordinates for clusters located throughout a provided image. The clusters will first be refined by thresholding the provided image using the supplied digital count threshold value.
GENERATE_CORRELATED_DATA This function will return a list of k normally-distributed, correlated, n-dimensional random points [with a specified mean vector and set of univariate standard deviations].
HARRIS_CORNER_DETECTOR This function will find corners in an image. Corners are defined in this context as localized areas within the image were small shifts in the image in any direction produce a significant change in the composition of the neighborhood.
INTERACTIVE_CROP The INTERACTIVE_CROP function will allow the user to select a spatial sub-region of the provided image that is to be cropped. The function will create a window and display the image provided for the user to interact with.
LAB2SRGB_IMAGE This function converts a provided CIE L*a*b* color space representation image to an sRGB image assuming Illuminant D65. A non-linearity adjustment for the monitor response is applied to the provided data.
LAB2XYZ This function returns the converted tristimulus values for a provided CIE L*a*b* value assuming a particular illuminant, namely X = xr * Xr Y = yr * Yr Z = zr * Zr where xr = fx^3 for fx^3 > epsilon xr = (116 * fx - 16) / kappa for...
MAGNITUDE This function will compute the magnitude (length) of the provided n-dimensional vector.
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