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ANGUNITVEC Convert longitude and (co)latitude (RA/Dec) to unit vector
ARRDELETE Remove a portion of an existing array.
ARRINSERT Insert one array into another
CHEBCOEF Estimate Chebyshev polynomial coefficients of a function on an interval
CHEBEVAL Evaluate a Chebyshev polynomial on an interval, given the coefficients
CHEBFIT Fit Chebyshev polynomial coefficients to a tabulated function
CHEBGRID Estimate Chebyshev polynomial coefficients of a function on a grid
CMAPPLY Applies a function to specified dimensions of an array
CMARG_PRESENT Determine whether output parameter has been passed (IDL4 compatibility)
CMCONGRID Shrink or expand the size of an array by an arbitrary amount. This IDL procedure simulates the action of the VAX/VMS CONGRID/CONGRIDI function. This function is similar to 'REBIN' in that it can resize a one, two, or three dimensional...
CMPRODUCT CMPRODUCT() is the multiplicative equivalent of TOTAL().
CMPS_FORM This function puts up a form the user can configure a PostScript device driver. The function result (if the user selects either the ACCEPT or CREATE FILE buttons) can be sent directly to the DEVICE procedure by means of its _Extra key...
CMREPLICATE Replicates an array or scalar into a larger array, as REPLICATE does.
CMRESTORE Restore variables from an IDL SAVE file.
CMSAVE Save IDL variables to a file. (IDL v5 and greater)
CMSAVEDIR Display a directory of the variables in an IDL SAVE file.
CMSET_OP Performs an AND, OR, or XOR operation between two sets
CMSV_OPEN Open IDL SAVE file for reading or writing
CMSV_PTRSUM Construct an inventory of heap data accessible to a variable
CMSV_RDATA Read SAVE-formatted data variable record from input block or file unit
CMSV_RRAW Read raw SAVE data from input block or file unit
CMSV_RREC Read SAVE-formatted record header from input block or file unit
CMSV_RVTYPE Read variable type information from input block or file unit
CMSV_TEST Test the CMSVLIB library
CMSV_WDATA Write SAVE-formatted data variable record to output block or file
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