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ATANH Numerically calculate the inverse of the TANH function for real values.
AUGMENT_INHERITED_KEYWORD Adds keywords to the _EXTRA structure.
BETWEEN Determines if the argument lies between the bounds.
BIHARMONIC_INTERP Performs biharmonic interpolation for a function defined on a 2D grid.
BILIN_INTERP Performs bilinear interpolation for a function defined on a 2D grid.
BOOTSTRAP_MEAN Calculates the mean and a confidence limit on the mean based on bootstrap resampling.
BOOTSTRAP_MEDIAN Calculates the median and a confidence limit on the median based on bootstrap resampling.
COMBIGEN Generates all possible combinations n-choose-k.
CONTOURLEVELS Calculates the contour level that encloses a given fraction of the data in a multi-dimensional histogram.
CROPPEDTICKMARKS This function is used as a plug-in to YTICKFORMAT that crops a number to the appropriate number of digits. For example, logarithmic axes might have labels 0.001, 0.01, 0.1, 1, 10.
DOTP Calculates the scalar product of two vectors.
EXTRACT_ROWS This function extracts rows from a CSV structure (as read using READ_CSV) and returns a new CSV structure.
FORCE_NEWTON Calculates the gravitational force from a particle distribution at a list of positions.
GETPTS Find the locations of a number of points on an existing plot using CURSOR. Use right mouse button to mark final point.
HIST_ND_ADAPTIVE Given a list of particle positions (and optional particle weights), bin sizes, and ranges, creates a density image where the regions with fewer particles are sampled at larger bin sizes. This can be used as a drop-in for HIST_ND_WEIGH...
HIST_ND_WEIGHT Wrapper to the dfanning HIST_ND function that calculates a weighted multi-dimensional histogram.
HISTEQ Performs histogram equalization scaling of a 2D image.
HISTOGRAM_WEIGHT Wrapper to the built-in HISTOGRAM function that calculates a weighted histogram.
INERTIATENS Calculates the 2nd moment tensor (sometimes incorrectly referred to as the moment of inertia tensor) of a mass distribution specified by a list of particle positions.
IS_SORTED Checks whether an array is already sorted.
JBCROSSP Calculate the cross products between two arrays of 3-vectors.
JBLINFIT Performs least squares fitting to a straight line, but can perform it over one particular dimension for a multi-dimensional data set. Acts like the built-in function LINFIT if DIMENSION is not set.
JBSYMBOL Loads one of a series of useful user-defined symbols.
MATCH_ND For each arbitrarily-dimensioned point in one vector, determines the closest point in a second vector. Method is to take the list returned by MATCHALL_ND and narrow it down to the closest match.
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