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AADEMO Demo plot using the aa routines.
AAPLOT Antialiased plot routine.
AAPLOTP Antialiased plotp routine.
AAPOINT Antialiased point routine.
AARR Simulate an associative array (key / value pairs).
AATEXT Antialiased text routine.
ABS_PATH Convert a relative path to an absolute path.
ACRE Automatic Cosmic Ray Extraction
ACT_APPLY Apply an absolute color table to an array of values.
ACT_CBAR Make a color bar for an absolute color table.
ACT_EDIT Build and/or Edit an absolute color table.
ACT_INFO Return values from current absolute color table.
ACT_SHOW Display color bars for the given list of color tables.
AD2XY Compute X and Y from native coordinates and a FITS astrometry structure
ADD_DIM This function returns an array with extra dimensions added, filled with copies of the original array.
ADD_DISTORT Add the distortion parameters in an astrometry structure to a FITS header.
ADD_HELPMENU Add one or more drop-down menus for help text to given base.
ADD_MARGIN Add space to left margin and top of a text file.
ADDCRS Add synthetic cosmic ray strikes to a CCD image.
ADDNCCAL Add calibration frames for entries in the nasacam calib data base
ADDSLASH Append a trailing / to string (if needed).
ADJUSTPOSITION This is a program for interactively adjusting the plot position coordinates. The result of the function is a four-element floating point array of normalized coordinates, suitable for passing to the POSITION keyword of most IDL graphic...
ADSTRING Return RA and Dec as character string(s) in sexigesimal format.
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