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AADEMO Demo plot using the aa routines.
AAPLOT Antialiased plot routine.
AAPLOTP Antialiased plotp routine.
AAPOINT Antialiased point routine.
AARR Simulate an associative array (key / value pairs).
AATEXT Antialiased text routine.
ABS_PATH Convert a relative path to an absolute path.
ACT_APPLY Apply an absolute color table to an array of values.
ACT_CBAR Make a color bar for an absolute color table.
ACT_EDIT Build and/or Edit an absolute color table.
ACT_INFO Return values from current absolute color table.
ACT_SHOW Display color bars for the given list of color tables.
ADD_HELPMENU Add one or more drop-down menus for help text to given base.
ADD_MARGIN Add space to left margin and top of a text file.
AGE_CHECK Check if files in two directories match.
ALIGN Vector text justification (positioning).
ALL_FACTORS Return sorted array of all factors of a given number.
ALTAZI_POINTER Plot an altazimuth pointer on display.
ALTAZI2RADEC Convert from alt,azi,time to ra,dec.
ANG_DIFF Return difference between two angles in degress.
ANG_MEAN Return the mean (and sdev) of a set of angles.
ANG_MID Return the angle midway between two angles.
ANIMALS Return a string array of animals.
APODIZE Weighting array for apodizing an image. Cosine taper.
ARCHIVE_NDIR Archive N levels of a directory.
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