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man Print comments about a routine or finds matching routines.
man_checkroutine Checks to see if routine is in list.
man_print Print a string by splitting it across lines on spaces and indents every line except the first using the value of the INDENT keyword.
man_printdocs Print header docs for a routine in a given file.
man_resolveroutine Routine to resolve a given routine without crashing.
man_routineinfo Print comments about a routine.
man_termavailable Determines if a term capable of paging is available:
man_width Wrapper for MG_TERMCOLUMNS in case it is not available.
mg_acosh Inverse hyperbolic cosine.
mg_all Determine whether all elements of an array of logical values are true.
mg_alogm Natural logarithm of a matrix.
mg_ansicode Set ANSI color codes for the given text.
mg_any Determine whether any elements of an array of logical values is true.
mg_arclength Computes the arc length of a path.
mg_arclength Computes the arc length of a path.
mg_arg Handle an argument to a routine.
mg_ascii_template Programmatically creates a structure of the type returned by ASCII_TEMPLATE.
mg_asinh Inverse hyperbolic sine.
mg_atanh Inverse hyperbolic tangent.
mg_backspace Backspaces a nchars characters.
mg_base64_image Base64 encode a byte-valued array, splitting it into rows of column_size characters delimited by the platform newline characters.
mg_base64decode Decode a string in Base64, performs the inverse operation as MG_BASE64ENCODE.
mg_base64encode Encode a string using Base64, performs the inverse operation as MG_BASE64DECODE.
mg_battery_plot Make plot of battery data created from running battery.sh script on OS X.
mg_battery_plot_extract Extract battery information from a line in the battery log file.
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