The ENVI Crop Science Module requires a separate license; contact your sales representative for more information.

The ENVI Crop Science platform contains remote sensing analytic tools for precision agriculture and agronomy, specifically:

  • Get a total count of the crops in an agricultural field, along with their locations and sizes.
  • Calculate the mean, minimum, maximum, and standard deviation of specific metrics for each crop. Examples include height or spectral index values.
  • Create a shapefile of crop locations that were identified in an image.
  • Create a grid showing the expected locations of crops, based on three specified points in an image.
  • Identify rows within a field, along with the crops that comprise that row. Exclude weeds, grass, and anything else that is not part of the row.
  • Identify gaps within a row, which correspond to missing crops.
  • Create a hotspot image that shows the relative health of vegetation in a single field or a larger geographic extent.
  • Create a developing hotspot image that shows the change in hotspot analysis for two dates.
  • Create a classification image where the classes consist of management zones.
  • Calculate the mean, minimum, maximum, and standard deviation values for each management zone.
  • Create a shapefile of management zone boundaries and attributes.