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ADVXYZ This procedure converts from (a,d,v) sky coordinates to (x,y,z) pixel coordinates in a data cube. It is a wrapper to ad2xy in the IDL Astronomy User's Library, which does not handle 3D data.
ANNEAL__DEFINE The anneal class performs simulated annealing to maximize a fitness function. This is a little different than normal, where annealing minimizes a penalty (or energy) function. Simulated annealing maximizes a function by taking random ...
APCON This function returns the values of many different constants used in astrophysics.
APPEND This function appends a second array to a first one. It's only real convenience is that it handles the case when the first array is undefined.
ARR_EQ This function compares 2 arrays, and returns 1 if all of their values are equal.
ARRGEN This function is similar to (and an extension of) built-in functions like indgen, findgen, etc. It creates an array given the first element, last element, and step size. It can create arrays which increase/decrease by constant amounts...
ASSERT This procedure is a simple routine to check assumptions during programming. If, at any time, an assertion fails to be true, the program halts with an error message.
BLACKBODY This function calculates the Planck function I_nu or I_lambda. I_nu = 2h nu^3 c^-2 ( exp(h nu / kT) -1)^-1 I_lambda = 2h c^2 lambda^-5 (exp ( hc / lambda kt) -1)^-1
BORDER_INDICES This function calculates and returns the (1D) indices corresponding to the borders of an array. These indices can be conerted back into n_dimensional indices via array_indices.
BRACKET This procedure attempts to bracket the minimum of a one dimensional function. A minimum is bracketed by three points ax, bx, cx, if: 1) bx is between ax and cx 2) f(b) &lt; f(a) and f(b) < f(c) In this situation, provided the function...
BRENT This function minimizes a function of one variable. The function requires 3 input abscissas which bracket at least one local minimum (see, e.g. bracket.pro) The algorithm is adapted from Numerical Recipes, but is substantially modifie...
CAUCHY This function returns the probability density function of a Cauchy distribution, with median mu and width gamma, evaluated at x.
CNB_COVAR This function computes the covariance matrix for a set of multidimensional data. It optionally returns the principal axes, of the distribution, along with the variance along each principal axis. The principal axes and variances descri...
CNB_IMF This function both evaluates the IMF at given mass, and returns masses drawn at random from the IMF. The functional form of the IMF is given by dN/dM ~ M^-alpha, where alpha = 0 for 0 &lt; M / Msolar < .07 (Allen et al 2005) = 1.05 fo...
CNB_PCA This procedure calculates the principal components of a dataset. Many IDL routines do this, but I don't really understand their idiosyncrasies. In particular, the builtin PCOMP has weird outputs, and chokes whin n_dim &gt;> 1, n_dim &...
CNB_VOIGT This function computes centered Voigt profiles. It is a wrapper to the builtin IDL VOIGT routine, which uses a somewhat confusing variable convention. The Voigt function implemented here is a stright convolution of a Gaussian with a L...
CURL This procedure computes the curl of a 3d vector field sampled on a uniform grid.
DENSITYMAP This procedure creates a smoothed map of the suface density of objects on the sky or in a plane.
DETECTOUTLIER Plot which objects were flagged as outliers from detectoutlier.
DISTRIBUTION__DEFINE The distribution class is an interface for objects dealing with probability distributions.
DIV This function calculates the divergence of a 1, 2, or 3-dimensional vector function sampled on a uniform grid.
DS9REG__DEFINE Defines a simple IDL structure to represent a DS9-style region description. Used in conjunction with write_ds9reg
EDF This procedure calculates the empirical distribution function (edf) of a set of data, evaluated at each input data point. The edf is the empirical equivalent of the cumulative distribution function.
EDF_STATS This function calculates a variety of statistics to characterize the discrepancy between 1D data and a model for the distribution from which the data were drawn. Each statistic is based on the empirical distribution function (i.e. the...
EXTAST3 This program is a wrapper procedure to the extast routine in the IDL astronomy user's library. extast3 is designed to handle data cubes, which extast cannot handle. This procedure is used by sky2pix to convert between sky and pixel co...
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