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ADD_DIM This function returns an array with extra dimensions added, filled with copies of the original array.
ARRAY_TOTAL This function does more flexible array integration than IDL's total.
B_PLOT This procedure contours a data by drawing each element of an array as a rectangular box.
BAR_GRAPH This procedure plots bar graphs.
BOX This procedure draws a rectangular box on the screen.
BREAKLINE This function breaks a line of text into pieces less than or equal to a maximum length. Text is broken on whitespace.
BULLET_LEGEND This procedure plots a legend for bullet plots.
BULLET_PLOT This procedure draws bullet plots with bullets whose sizes are scaled to values in an input vector.
CHOOSE_LEVELS This function chooses convenient values for contour levels.
CIRCLE This function returns the x- and y- coordinates of a circle.
CLEAR This procedure clears the active IDL display window.
CLS This procedure clears the IDL terminal window.
CONSTANTS This procedure returns the values of some absolute constants.
CONTOUR_LEGEND This procedure plots a legend for colour-contour plots.
CONTOUR_WORLD This procedure draws a colour contour of a data field over a world map.
CORRECT_DATE This function returns a corrected version of the input date, when the days are out of the range for the month.
CROSS_SPEC This function estimates the power cross-spectrum of two vectors.
CW_AXIS_SELECT This compound widget provides an interface for selecting points along multiple axes. It was written to be used as an aid for the analysis of gridded data.
CW_BGRID CW_BGRID is a compound widget that implements a multi-column cw_bgroup widget.
CW_BGROUP_MOD CW_BGROUP_MOD is a modification of CW_BGROUP that allows for turning off all of the buttons in the group.
CW_BGROUP2 Provides a radio-like button group which allows you to select any two buttons.
DECIMAL_PLACE This function returns the decimal place of the first significant digit.
DIMENSION This function returns the dimension of an array. It returns 0 if the input variable is scalar.
EMD This function estimates the empirical mode decomposition of a given data vector.
ERROR_BARS This procedure plots error bars over plotted data.
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