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AD2XY Compute X and Y from native coordinates and a FITS astrometry structure
ADD_DISTORT Add the distortion parameters in an astrometry structure to a FITS header.
ADSTRING Return RA and Dec as character string(s) in sexigesimal format.
ADXY Use a FITS header to convert astronomical to pixel coordinates
AIRTOVAC Convert air wavelengths to vacuum wavelengths
AITOFF Convert longitude, latitude to X,Y using an AITOFF projection.
AITOFF_GRID Produce an overlay of latitude and longitude lines over a plot or image
AL_LEGEND Create an annotation legend for a plot.
AL_LEGENDTEST Demo program to show capabilities of the al_legend procedure.
ALTAZ2HADEC Convert Horizon (Alt-Az) coordinates to Hour Angle and Declination.
APER Compute concentric aperture photometry (adapted from DAOPHOT)
ARCBAR Draw an arc bar on an image showing the astronomical plate scale
ARROWS To display 'weathervane' directional arrows on an astronomical image
ASINH Return the inverse hyperbolic sine of the argument
ASTDISP Print astronomical and pixel coordinates in a standard format
ASTRO Interactive utility for precession and coordinate conversion.
ASTROLIB Add the non-standard system variables used by the IDL Astronomy Library
AUTOHIST Draw a histogram using automatic bin-sizing.
AVG Return the average value of an array, or 1 dimension of an array
BARYVEL Calculates heliocentric and barycentric velocity components of Earth.
BIWEIGHT_MEAN Calculate the center and dispersion (like mean and sigma) of a distribution using bisquare weighting.
BLINK To allow the user to alternatively examine two or more windows within a single window.
BLKSHIFT Shift a block of data to a new position in a file (possibly overlapping)
BOOST_ARRAY Append one array onto a destination array
BOXAVE Box-average a 1 or 2 dimensional array.
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