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ARRCONCAT Concatenate onto an array. This utility makes it easier to build an N+1 dimensional array from a bunch of n-dimensional arrays. For example, the common case of X=[X,42] can be done with this function, but it becomes more useful when c...
CW_KDM_SLIDER Slider with title and value horizontally
DEC2HEX Project : SOHO - CDS Name : DEC2HEX Purpose : Convert a non-negative decimal integer to a hex string.
DOY Print (or optionally return) the current UT DOY
FILE_EXIST This function returns true if the requested file exists
FILE_UNIQ Returns a uniq filename, based upon the procedure the use ran.
FIX_GAPS This function fills in gaps in a 2D array with the average value of its neighbors
G2M Translate from geographic to magnetic (CGM) coordinates
GISS_CT NAME: GISS_ct PURPOSE: Load the colortables for the EdGCM project. The colortables come from Panoply CATEGORY: Display, Graphics, Utility CALLING SEQUENCE: GISS_ct, FileName
GRID_GLOBE This procedure displays a 2D array onto a globe.
KDM__DEFINE A KDM object is a generic top-level object that all other objects I write should inherit.
KDM_ARRSETSIZE This function resizes a 1D array. It can truncate or expand the array. When expanding it can optionally fill the new elements with a default value.
KDM_CDATA Wrap a string in CDATA tags: '<![CDATA[' + string + ']]>'
KDM_CT This procedure loads the SNOE color table. It allows different variants of the color table based upon keywords, and optionally saves the current (about-to-be-destroyed) table.
KDM_DT__DEFINE A datetime object stores a date and/or time
KDM_GEOCODE This function geocodes or reverse geocodes using the Google Maps API Web Service. Geocode means that the user provides an address and this function returns the latitude and longitude. Reverse geocode takes a lat,lon pair and returns a...
KDM_ISDEFINED This procedure checks if a variable is defined or not, and optionally sets it to a default value, or prompts the user to enter a value. This is a fancy wrapper for N_ELEMENTS() EQ 0 and KEYWORD_SET()
KDM_KML__DEFINE Top level KML object for the kdm-idl kdm_kml group. A kdm_kml object holds a kdm_kml_object. This object contains the generic code that all other inherited KML objects might use
KDM_MAP_SCALE Provide a scale (legend) for a map
KDM_NORTH This procedure puts a North arrow (and letter N) on a map indicating which way is North.
KDM_PS Make producing PostScript images easier. And PDF, PNG, etc. The primary benefit is that PS images take up a full page in Portrait or Landscape mode. Also simplifies creation of PDF and PNG from PS, so the PNG images can be high qualit...
KDM_RANGE This function converts a variable or array from one scale to another. The input data is assumed to be on the scale [min(data),max(data)] although this can be customized. It is converted to a new scale of the range [rangemin,rangemax]....
L3_GLOBE Display a globe of 1 day of SNOE data
L3_LAT_ALT_DAY This routine displays one orbit of L3 data at a time. A movie can be generated, or a single day, or a PS file. You can step through the data orbit-by-orbit, or day-by-day but only for a given orbit.
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