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IMDISP Display an image on the current graphics device. IMDISP is an advanced replacement for TV and TVSCL. - Supports WIN, MAC, X, CGM, PCL, PRINTER, PS, Z and METAFILE graphics devices, - Image is automatically byte-scaled (can be disabled...
MGH_ADJACENT Given a 2D array defining a land-sea mask (sea=true; land=false), return an array of the same shape marked with 1s on all the sea cells that are adjacent to the land. NB: Here 'adjacent' means sharing a side with a land cell, not just...
MGH_ANIMATOR__DEFINE This class supports basic animation functionality, common to the MGH_DGplayer, MGH_Player and MGH_Conductor classes.
MGH_ARR_ISHOM Determine whether an array is homogeneous along a specified dimension.
MGH_AVI_DLL Return the path name of the AVI DLL. It must be in the same directory as the present file.
MGH_BAND_EDGE Given a 2D array as input, return a copy in which there is a band adjacent to the edge with zero gradient normal to the edge
MGH_BARB_MOVIE__DEFINE This class displays a 3-D numeric array as a sequence of surface plots in a window with axes and a colour scale. The class inherits from MGH_Player. OBJECT CREATION CALLING SEQUENCE mgh_new, 'Mgh_Barb_Movie', Values
MGH_BLOCKMEAN Given (x,y,z) data--where x & y are vectors representing position on a 2D plane and z is a matching vector representing a scalar value at each position--and a 2D rectilinear or curvilinear grid, this function filters the input data an...
MGH_BPROFILE_MOVIE__DEFINE This class displays a pair of 2-D numeric arrays as a sequence of current-barb profiles. The class inherits from MGH_Datamator. Note that the MGHgrBarb object automagically changes its SCALE property when its [X,Y,Z]COORD_CONV propert...
MGH_BYTSCL This function, like the standard IDL BYTSCL routine, converts numeric values to byte values. It is more flexible than BYTSCL in two respects: - It allows one to specify the lower limit of the range of byte values as well as the upper ...
MGH_CD_STICKY A procedure to replace boilerplate directory-switching code in widget applications
MGH_CLASS_EXISTS Determine whether the given name represents a class in IDL (actually tests whether structures of that name are automatically created or have already been created
MGH_COLOR This function accepts one or more colour specifiers in string form and returns an array containing corresponding RGB colour values. The colour data are specified in a file, mgh_color.dat, which must be in the same directory as the sou...
MGH_COMMAND__DEFINE This class encapsulates a command (i.e. a statement, procedure or procedure method) and its arguments.
MGH_CONDUCTOR__DEFINE A user interface for synchronised playback of one or more MGH_Player objects.
MGH_CONTAINER__DEFINE An MGH_Container is a slightly enhanced version of an IDL_Container. It can be set up so that the contained objects are not destroyed with it.
MGH_CT_FILE This function returns the name of an IDL colour table file.
MGH_CUSTOM_CT Add several custom colour tables to the colour-table file
MGH_CW_PALETTE_EDITOR MGH_CW_PALETTE_EDITOR is a compound widget for the modification of color palette vectors.
MGH_DATAMATOR__DEFINE A window for displaying & managing picture sequences.
MGH_DEBUG__DEFINE This class provides the ability to examine the fields in an object's class structure
MGH_DENSITY__DEFINE This class displays a 2-D numeric array as a colour density plot in a window, with axes and a colour scale. The colour scale can be edited interactively. The performance of an MGH_DENSITY object depends on the implementation of the de...
MGH_DENSITY_MOVIE__DEFINE This class displays a 3-D numeric array as a sequence of colour density plots in a window with axes and a colour scale. The class inherits from MGH_Player. OBJECT CREATION SEQUENCE mgh_new, 'MGH_Density_Movie', values
MGH_DEST_POSITION Convert from viewplane to destination-object coordinates. For a specified view & destination object, given a position on the viewplane, calculate & return the corresponding position on the destination device.
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