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      Reset all plotting system variables (!P,!X,!Y,!Z) to their default values


      Reset all system variables (!P,!X,!Y,!Z) which are set by the user
      and which affect plotting to their default values.

Calling Sequence

      Cleanplot, [ /Silent, /ShowOnly]



Optional Keyword Input

      /SHOWONLY - If set, then CLEANPLOT will display the plotting system
                variables with nondefault values, but it will not reset them.
      /SILENT - If set, then CLEANPLOT will not display a message giving the
                the system variables tags being reset. One cannot set
                  both /SILENT and /SHOWONLY



Side Effects

      The system variables that concern plotting are reset to their default
      values. A message is output for each variable changed.
      The !P.CLIP and CRANGE, S, WINDOW, and REGION fields of the
      !X, !Y, and !Z system variables are not checked since these are
      set by the graphics device and not by the user.


      This does NOT reset the plotting device.
      This does not change any system variables that don't control plotting.


      If user default values for !P, !X, !Y and !Z are different from
      the defaults adopted below, user should change P_old etc accordingly

Modification History

      Written IDL Version 2.3.0 W. Landsman & K. Venkatakrishna May '92
      Handle new system variables in V3.0.0 W. Landsman Dec 92
      Assume user has at least V3.0.0 W. Landsman August 95
      V5.0 has 60 instead of 30 TICKV values W. Landsman Sep. 97
      Change !D.N_COLORS to !D.TABLE_SIZE for 24 bit displays
              W. Landsman April 1998
      Added silent keyword to supress output & modified X_old to
      handle the new !X and !Y tags in IDL 5.4 S. Penton July 2000
      Test for visual depth if > V5.1 W. Landsman July 2000
      Macs can report a visual depth of 32 W. Landsman March 2001
      Call device,get_visual_depth only for device which allow it
                W. Landsman June 2001
      Default !P.color is 16777215 for 16 bit systems
                      W. Landsman/M. Hadfield November 2001
      Added ShowOnly keyword W. Landsman April 2002
      Use V6.0 notation W. Landsman April 2011

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