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      Interactively edit specified fields in an IDL database.


      The value of each field is displayed, and the user has the option
      of changing or keeping the value. Widgets will be used if they
      are available.

Calling Sequence

      dbedit, list, [ items ]


      list - scalar or vector of database entry numbers. Set list = 0 to
      interactively add a new entry to a database. Set list = -1 to edit
      all entries.

Optional Inputs

      items - list of items to be edited. If omitted, all fields can be


      BYTENUM = If set, treat byte variables as numbers instead of

Common Blocks

      DB_COM -- contains information about the opened database.
      DBW_C -- contains information intrinsic to this program.

Side Effects

      Will update the database files.
      Database must be opened for update prior to running
      this program. User must be running DBEDIT from an
      account that has write privileges to the databases.
      If one is editing an indexed item, then after all edits are complete,
      DBINDEX will be called to reindex the entire item. This may
      be time consuming.
      Cannot be used to edit items with multiple values


      Suppose one had new parallaxes for all stars fainter than 5th magnitude
      in the Yale Bright Star Catalog and wanted to update the PRLAX and
      PRLAX_CODE fields with these new numbers
      IDL> !priv=2
      IDL> dbopen, 'yale_bs', 1 ;Open catalog for update
      IDL> list = dbfind( 'v>5') ;Find fainter than 5th magnitude
      IDL> dbedit, list, 'prlax, prlax_code' ;Manual entry of new values


      (1) Use the cursor and point to the value you want to edit.
      (2) Type the new field value over the old field value.
      (3) When you are done changing all of the field values for each entry
      save the entry to the databases by pressing 'SAVE ENTRY TO DATABASES'.
      Here all of the values will be checked to see if they are the correct
      data type. If a field value is not of the correct data type, it will
      not be saved.
      Use the buttons "PREV ENTRY" and "NEXT ENTRY" to move between entry
      numbers. You must save each entry before going on to another entry in
      order for your changes to be saved.
      Pressing "RESET THIS ENTRY" will remove any unsaved changes to the
      current entry.

Revision History

      Adapted from Landsman's DBEDIT
      added widgets, Melissa Marsh, HSTX, August 1993
      do not need to press return after entering each entry,
                      fixed layout problem on SUN,
                      Melissa Marsh, HSTX, January 1994
      Only updates the fields which are changed. Joel Offenberg, HSTX, Mar 94
      Corrected test for changed fields Wayne Landsman HSTX, Mar 94
      Removed a couple of redundant statements W. Landsman HSTX Jan 96
      Converted to IDL V5.0 W. Landsman September 1997
      Replace DATAYPE() with size(/TNAME) W. Landsman November 2001
      Work for entry numbers > 32767 W. Landsman December 2001
      Added /BYTENUM William Thompson 13-Mar-2006
      Use DIALOG_MESSAGE for error messages W. Landsman April 2006
      Assume since V5.5, remove VMS support W. Landsman Sep 2006

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