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      Subroutine of DBEXT to extract values of up to 18 items from a database


      This is a subroutine of DBEXT, which is the routine a user should
      normally use.

Calling Sequence

      dbext_dbf,list,dbno,sbyte,nbytes,idltype,nval,v1,[ v2,v3,v4,v5,v6,v7,
                  v8,v9,v10,v11,v12,v13,v14,v15,v16,v17,v18 ITEM_DBNO = ]


      list - list of entry numbers to extract desired items. It is the
              entry numbers in the primary data base unless dbno is greater
              than or equal to -1. In that case it is the entry number in
              the specified data base.
      dbno - number of the opened db file
              if set to -1 then all data bases are included
      sbyte - starting byte in the entry. If single data base then it must
              be the starting byte for that data base only and not the
              concatenation of db records
      nbytes - number of bytes in the entry
      idltype - idl data type of each item to be extracted
      nval - number of values per entry of each item to be extracted


      v1...v18 - the vectors of values for up to 18 items

Optional Input Keyword

      item_dbno - A vector of the individual database numbers for each item.
              Simplifies the code for linked databases

Procedure Calls



      version 1 D. Lindler Nov. 1987
      Extract multiple valued entries W. Landsman May 1989
      William Thompson, GSFC/CDS (ARC), 1 June 1994
              Added support for external (IEEE) representation.
      Work with multiple element string items W. Landsman August 1995
      Increase speed for external databases on IEEE machines WBL August 1996
      IEEE conversion implemented on blocks of entries using BIG
      Added keyword ITEM_DBNO R. Schwartz, GSFC/SDAC, August 1996
      Return a vector even if only 1 value W. Thompson October 1996
      Change variable name of BYTESWAP to BSWAP W. Thompson Mar 1997
      Use /OVERWRITE with reform W. Landsman May 1997
      Increase maximum number of items to 18 W. Landsman November 1999
      2 May 2003, W. Thompson, Use DBXVAL with BSWAP instead of IEEE_TO_HOST.
      Avoid EXECUTE() for V6.1 or later W. Landsman Jan 2007
      Assume since V6.1 W. Landsman June 2009
      Change arrays to LONG to support entries >32767 bytes WL Oct 2010

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