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      Subroutine of DBFIND to perform a search using sorted values


      This is a subroutine of dbfind and is not a standalone procedure
      It is used to limit the search using sorted values

Calling Sequence

      dbfind_sort, it, type, svals, list, [/FULLSTRING, COUNT = ]


      it - item number, scalar
      type - type of search (output from dbfparse)
      svals - search values (output from dbfparse)


      list - found entries

Optional Input Keyword

      /FULLSTRING - By default, one has a match if a search string is
              included in any part of a database value (substring match).
              But if /FULLSTRING is set, then all characters in the database
              value must match the search string (excluding leading and
              trailing blanks). Both types of string searches are case

Optional Output Keyword

      Count - Integer scalar giving the number of matches found

System Variables

      The obsolete system variable !err is set to number of good values
      !ERR = -2 for an invalid search

Procedures Called


Revision History

      D. Lindler July,1987
      William Thompson, GSFC/CDS (ARC), 30 May 1994
              Added support for external (IEEE) data format
      William Thompson, GSFC, 14 March 1995 Added keyword FULLSTRING
      Minimize use of obsolete !ERR variable W. Landsman February 2000
      Added COUNT keyword, deprecate !ERR W. Landsman March 2000
      Use 64 bit integers V5.2 or later
      Include new IDL unsigned & 64 bit integer datatypes W.Landsman July 2001
      Make sure returned list vector is LONG W. Landsman August 2001
      Work on string items W. Landsman November 2009
      Don't use VALUE_LOCATE on a single value W. Landsman November 2009
      Use VALUE_LOCATE even for equal values W. Landsman December 2009
      Fix bug allowing negative FIRST values, William Thompson, 10 May 2010

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