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    List available databases or items in the currently open database


    Procedure to either list available databases (if no database is
    currently open) or the items in the currently open database.

Calling Sequence

    dbhelp, [ flag , TEXTOUT=, /SORT ]


    flag - (optional) if set to nonzero then item or database
            descriptions are also printed
            If flag is a string, then it is interpreted as the
            name of a data base (if no data base is opened) or a name
            of an item in the opened data base. In this case, help
            is displayed only for the particular item or database



Optional Input Keywords

      TEXTOUT - Used to determine output device. If not present, the
                value of !TEXTOUT system variable is used (see TEXTOPEN )
              textout=0 Nowhere
              textout=1 if a TTY then TERMINAL using /more option
                                  otherwise standard (Unit=-1) output
              textout=2 if a TTY then TERMINAL without /more option
                                  otherwise standard (Unit=-1) output
              textout=3 <program>.prt
              textout=4 laser.tmp
              textout=5 user must open file
              textout=7 same as 3 but text is appended to <program>.prt
                              file if it already exists.
              textout = filename (default extension of .prt)
        /SORT - If set and non-zero, then the help items will be displayed
              sorted alphabetically. If more than one database is open,
              then this keyword does nothing.


      If no data base is opened then a list of data bases are
      printed, otherwise the items in the open data base are printed.
      If a string is supplied for flag and a data base is opened
      flag is assumed to be an item name. The information for that
      item is printed along with contents in a optional file
      if a string is supplied for flag and no data base is opened,
      then string is assumed to be the name of a data base file.
      only information for that file is printed along with an
      optional file zdbase:dbname.hlp.

Procedures Used

      V5.3 or later (uses vectorized FDECOMP)


      Version 2 D. Lindler Nov 1987 (new db format)
      Faster printing of title desc. W. Landsman May 1989
      Keyword textout added, J. Isensee, July, 1990
      Modified to work on Unix, D. Neill, ACC, Feb 1991.
      William Thompson, GSFC/CDS (ARC), 1 June 1994
              Added support for external (IEEE) representation.
      William Thompson, GSFC, 3 November 1994
              Modified to allow ZDBASE to be a path string.
      Remove duplicate database names Wayne Landsman December 1994
      8/17/95 jkf/acc - force lowercase filenames for .hlp files.
      Added /SORT keyword J. Sandoval/W. Landsman October 1998
      V5.3 version use vectorized FDECOMP W. Landsman February 2001
      Recognize 64 bit, unsigned integer datatypes W. Landsman September 2001
      Fix display of number of bytes with /SORT W. Landsman February 2002
      Assume since V5.2 W. Landsman February 2002
      Assume since V5.5 W. Landsman

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