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procedure to read an entry from a data base file or from
linked multiple databases.

Calling Sequence

dbrd, enum, entry, [available, dbno, /NoConvert]


enum - entry number to read, integer scalar


entry - byte array containing the entry

Optional Output

available - byte array with length equal to number of data
bases opened. available(i) eq 1 if an entry (pointed
to) is available. It always equals 1 for the first
data base, otherwise it is an error condition.
dbno - specification of the data base number to return. If
supplied, only the record for the requested data base
number is returned in entry. Normally this input should
not be supplied. dbno is numbered for 0 to n-1 and gives
the number of the data base opened. The data bases are
numbered in the order supplied to dbopen. If dbno is supplied
then the entry number refers to that data base and not the
primary or first data base. If set to -1, then it means all
data bases opened (same as not supplying it)

Optional Input Keyword

noconvert - if set then don't convert external to host format.
Assumes that calling program will take care of this

Operational Notes

If multiple data base files are opened, the records are
concatenated with each other


version 2 D. Lindler Nov. 1987
William Thompson, GSFC/CDS (ARC), 1 June 1994
Added support for external (IEEE) representation.
Version 3, Richard Schwartz, GSFC/SDAC, 23-Aug-1996
Add noconvert keyword
Converted to IDL V5.0 W. Landsman September 1997
      Version 4, 2 May 2003, W. Thompson
              Use BSWAP keyword to DBXVAL instead of calling IEEE_TO_HOST.

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