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procedure to update or add a new entry to a data base

Calling Sequence

dbwrt, entry, [ index, append, /NoConvert ]


entry - entry record to be updated or added if first
item (entry number=0)

Optional Inputs

index - optional integer flag, if set to non zero then index
file is updated. (default=0, do not update index file)
(Updating the index file is time-consuming, and should
normally be done after all changes have been made.
append - optional integer flag, if set to non-zero the record
is appended as a new entry, regardless of what the
entry number in the record is. The entry number will
be reset to the next entry number in the file.


data base file is updated.
If index is non-zero then the index file is updated.

Optional Input Keyword

NoConvert - If set then don't convert to host format with an external
database. Useful when the calling program decides that
conversion isn't needed (i.e. on a big-endian machine), or
takes care of the conversion itself.

Operational Notes

!PRIV must be greater than 1 to execute


version 2 D. Lindler Feb. 1988 (new db format)
converted to IDL Version 2. M. Greason, STX, June 1990.
William Thompson, GSFC/CDS (ARC), 28 May 1994
Added support for external (IEEE) representation.
Faster handling of byte swapping W. L. August 2010

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