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    Routine to decompose file name(s) for any operating system.

Calling Sequence

    FDECOMP, filename, disk, dir, name, qual, [OSFamily = ]


    filename - string file name(s), scalar or vector


    All the output parameters will have the same number of elements as
      input filename
      disk - disk name, always '' on a Unix machine, scalar or vector string
      dir - directory name, scalar or vector string
      name - file name, scalar or vector string
      qual - qualifier, set equal to the characters beyond the last "."

Optional Input Keyword

    OSFamily - scalar string specifying the operating system, must be either
            'Windows' or 'unix'. If not supplied,
            then !VERSION.OS_FAMILY is used to determine the OS.


    Consider the following file names
    unix: file = '/itt/idl71/avg.pro'
    Windows: file = 'd:\itt\idl71\avg.pro'
    then IDL> FDECOMP, file, disk, dir, name, qual
      will return the following
                Disk Dir Name Qual
      Unix: '' '/itt/idl71/' 'avg' 'pro'
      Windows: 'd:' \itt\idl71\ 'avg' 'pro'


    (1) The period is removed between the name and qualifier
    (2) Unlike the intrinsic FILE_BASENAME() and FILE_DIRNAME() functions,
        one can use FDECOMP to decompose a Windows file name on a Unix machine
        or a Unix filename on a Windows machine.

Routines Called



    version 1 D. Lindler Oct 1986
    Include VMS DECNET machine name in disk W. Landsman HSTX Feb. 94
    Converted to Mac IDL, I. Freedman HSTX March 1994
    Major rewrite to accept vector filenames V5.3 W. Landsman June 2000
    Fix cases where disk name not always present W. Landsman Sep. 2000
    Make sure version defined for Windows W. Landsman April 2004
    Include final delimiter in directory under Windows as advertised
                W. Landsman May 2006
    Remove VMS support, W. Landsman September 2006
    Remove MacOS branch (same as Unix) W. Landsman August 2009

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