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      Returns a uniq filename, based upon the procedure the use ran.


      SNOE, File

Calling Sequence

      Result = FILE_UNIQ()


      A string, usabel as a filename, uniq to the current
      directory. This is the FIRST part of a filename (before the
      period). But it is unique anyways, regardless of the extension
      you should choose to add on.


      Whatever restrictions are imposed by FINDFILE (presumably,
      read access is required in the current directory)


      Generate a UNIQ filename based upon the procedure that the
      user typed at the command line, regardless of how many other
      procedures were called before this one.
      Use the Procedure stack to find the TOP procedure. Generate a
      name based on it. Append a _XXXX four digit number to the
      name. Then, search for that file (with a .*) in the current


      From the command line, to generate a unique filename, type:
          print, FILE_UNIQ()
      This string is usable and unique with ANY extension.
      Call this procedure from inside some other procedures like
          SET_PLOT, 'ps'
          DEVICE, /COLOR, BITS=8, FILENAME=file_uniq()+'.ps'
      To generate a unique postscript filename.
      Here is the real beauty of this procedure: If the user runs
      "L4_lat_alt_disp" and this is called somewhere in it or one of
      its subroutines, the filename will start with
      L4_LAT_ALT_DISP_0000.ps, and then 0001.ps, etc... If the user
      runs it from a different procedure, it will have a different name.

Modification History

  Written by: KDM; 2002-08-29
  2002-09-01; KDM; Changed help call to use CALLS rather than /TRACEBACK
  2010-05-14; KDM; Improved to detect folders not just files.

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