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      Finds all directories under a specified directory.


      This routine finds all the directories in a directory tree when the
      root of the tree is specified. This provides the same functionality as
      having a directory with a plus in front of it in the environment
      variable IDL_PATH.

Calling Sequence

      Result = FIND_ALL_DIR( PATH )
              PATHS = FIND_ALL_DIR('+mypath', /PATH_FORMAT)
              PATHS = FIND_ALL_DIR('+mypath1:+mypath2')


      PATH = The path specification for the top directory in the tree.
              Optionally this may begin with the '+' character but the action
              is the same unless the PLUS_REQUIRED keyword is set.
              One can also path a series of directories separated
              by the correct character ("," for VMS, ":" for Unix)


      The result of the function is a list of directories starting from the
      top directory passed and working downward from there. Normally, this
      will be a string array with one directory per array element, but if
      the PATH_FORMAT keyword is set, then a single string will be returned,
      in the correct format to be incorporated into !PATH.

Optional Input Keywords

      PATH_FORMAT = If set, then a single string is returned, in
                                the format of !PATH.
      PLUS_REQUIRED = If set, then a leading plus sign is required
                      in order to expand out a directory tree.
                      This is especially useful if the input is a
                      series of directories, where some components
                      should be expanded, but others shouldn't.
      RESET = Often FIND_ALL_DIR is used with logical names. It
              can be rather slow to search through these subdirectories.
              The /RESET keyword can be used to redefine an environment
              variable so that subsequent calls don't need to look for the
              To use /RESET, the PATH parameter must contain the name of a
              *single* environment variable. For example
                              dir = find_all_dir('FITS_DATA',/reset,/plus)
              The /RESET keyword is usually combined with /PLUS_REQUIRED.

Procedure Calls



      PATH must point to a directory that actually exists.

Revision History

              Version 11, Zarro (SM&A/GSFC), 23-March-00
                      Removed all calls to IS_DIR
              Version 12, William Thompson, GSFC, 02-Feb-2001
                      In Windows, use built-in expand_path if able.
              Version 13, William Thompson, GSFC, 23-Apr-2002
                      Follow logical links in Unix
                      (Suggested by Pascal Saint-Hilaire)
              Version 14, Zarro (EER/GSFC), 26-Oct-2002
                      Saved/restored current directory to protect against
                      often mysterious directory changes caused by
                      spawning FIND in Unix
              Version 15, William Thompson, GSFC, 9-Feb-2004
                      Resolve environment variables in Windows.
  Version : Version 16 W. Landsman GSFC Sep 2006
                        Remove VMS support

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