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      This function fills in gaps in a 2D array with the average
      value of its neighbors

Calling Sequence

      Result = FIX_GAPS( Data )


      Data: A 2D array of any numeric type

Optional Inputs

      Gapsize: Set this value to 1 or 2 to specify the size of the
              gaps to fill in. A value of 1 means the gap must have
              2 adjacent neighbors with non Gv values. The Default
              value is 1. A value of 2 means 2 adjacent gaps will
              both get the average values of their neighbors. NOTE
              that if gapsize=2, gaps of size 1 will still be filled
      Compare: Set this to the compare function used to find the
              gaps. That is, compare should equal 'LT', 'LE', 'EQ',
              'GE', or 'GT'. The default comparitor is 'EQ'

Keyword Parameters

      X: Set this keyword to fill in gaps in the X direction
      Y: Set this keyword to fill in gaps in the Y direction
      Gv: Set this keyword to the value of the gaps. This value
              defaults to zero if the keyword is not set.
      Edge: Set this keyword to have the algorithm wrap around the
              edge of the array, and fill in gaps on the edge.


      This procedure returns the original array, but the gaps have
      been filled in by the average of its two neighbors.


      A gap is defined as a value in the array that is 0 (zero) or
      equal to the value 'Gv'. Furthermore, the gap must have two
      neighbors that are *NOT* equal to Gv.
      A Neighbor is defined as the array cells to the left and right
      of a gap if the X keyword is set, or above and below if the Y
      keyword is set.
      If the Edge keyword is set, then a cell on the edge might
      still have two valid neighbors.


      a = indgen( 4,4 )
      a[ [ 0,2,6,7,8,11,15 ] ] = 99
      print, fix_gaps( data, /x, /edge, gv=99 )
      print, fix_gaps( data, /y, gv=99 )


      (fix_gaps(fix_gaps(d,/y),/x)) NE (fix_gaps(fix_gaps(d,/x),/y))

Modification History

  Written by: Ken Mankoff, June, 2001
      Oct, 2001 Added documentation and most keywords

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