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      This function resizes a 1D array. It can truncate or expand
      the array. When expanding it can optionally fill the new
      elements with a default value.



Calling Sequence

  Result = KDM_ARRSETSIZE( Array, newSize )


  Array: An array of any type up to 8 dimensions
  NewSize: The new length of the array. Each dimension can be
            shorter, longer, or equal to the original length.

Keyword Parameters

  _EXTRA=e is passed to MAKE_ARRAY (VALUE might be useful)


  A new array, based on the input array. For each dimension of the
  array, if newSize[dim] is shorter then the result contains the
  values in the original array dimension up to the truncation
  point. If newSize is equal to the original array dimension length
  then the new array is the same as the input array. If newSize is
  larger than the length of the original array then the new array is
  longer, filled with zero by default, or the value specified by the
  VALUE keyword passed to MAKE_ARRAY.


  I haven't tested it with arrays of structures or pointers yet.


  For 1D array, the algorithm is the following.
  n = n_elements(arr)
  if len eq n then return, arr ; new size eq current size
  if len lt n then return, arr[0:len-1] ; new size lt current size
  arr2 = MAKE_ARRAY( len, TYPE=SIZE(arr,/TYPE), _EXTRA=e )
  arr2[ 0:n-1 ] = arr
  return, arr2
  The code works for arrays up to 8 dimensions due to IDL allowing
  you to subscript non-existent dimensions with [0] or [0:0], such
  x = indgen(3)
  print, x[ 0:2, 0:0, 0:0 ]


  x = indgen(3)
  ;; shorten X to 2 elements
  print, kdm_arrsetsize( x, 2 )
  ;; grow X to 5 elements
  print, kdm_arrsetsize( x, 5 )
  ;; grow X to 5 elements and use a default value
  print, kdm_arrsetsize( x, 5, VALUE=42 )
  ;; Trim a 5x5 array to a 3x2 array
  print, kdm_arrsetsize( bindgen(5,5), [3,2] )
  ;; Works with strings too. Take an array of 2 and expand it to 4,
  ;; filling with a default value of 'Goodbye'
  print, kdm_arrsetsize( ['hello','world'], 4, value='Goodbye' )

Modification History

  Written by: Ken Mankoff
2010-03-05: KDM. Added documentation. Expanded to support 8 dimensions.

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