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This procedure loads the SNOE color table. It allows different
variants of the color table based upon keywords, and optionally
saves the current (about-to-be-destroyed) table.


SNOE, color, image

Calling Sequence

SNOECT ; no *required* args (but plenty o' options)



Keyword Parameters

  GRAY: Set this keyword to have a gray pixel at index 254
  GVAL: Set this to the value of the gray pixel [ default: 120 ]
  BW: Set this keword to swap the Black and White (Top and
            Bottom, Foreground and Backround)
  DISPLAY: Set this keyword to have the SNOE color table loaded and
            displayed on screen with a color bar and plots of the RGB

Optional Outputs

  R: The current Red channel vector
  G: The current Green channel vector
  B: The current Blue channel vector

Side Effects

  The current color table is changed to the SNOE color table.


  You must be able to access the display to call this procedure


  Generate R,G,B vectors for an 8-bit colortable. Vectors should be
  0 to 255 in length (2^8 = 256). Index 0 should be [0,0,0] which is
  black (background). Index 255 is [255,255,255] which is white
  (foreground) color. Indices between 1 and 254 are the color table
  itself, with the top 2 indices here (253 and 254) repeated as the
  same color. This allows the user to optionally change 254 to any
  shade of gray.


  SNOECT ; load the default SNOE color table
  SNOECT, oldR, oldG, oldB, /gray ; load with gray, save old ct
  SNOECT, /bw ; use for a white background, black text
  SNOECT, /display ; What is the SNOE ct?
  ;;; This is an example how to use gray in you plots
  ;;; I use it to add a subtle grid behind the data
  SNOECT, /gray
  data = indgen(11)
  plot, data, color=254, xticklen=1, yticklen=1
  plot, data, /noerase

Modification History

  Written by: Ken Mankoff
  05/21/2002; KDM; Added rr,gg,bb, vectors to save current CT. Added
                    /gray, gval, and /bw keywords. Added documentation.

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