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  Make producing PostScript images easier. And PDF, PNG, etc. The
  primary benefit is that PS images take up a full page in Portrait
  or Landscape mode. Also simplifies creation of PDF and PNG from
  PS, so the PNG images can be high quality and anti-aliased.



Calling Sequence


Keyword Parameters

  Anything that DEVICE accepts, plus...
  LANDSCAPE: Set this keyword to produce images in Landscape mode
  PORTRAIT: Set to produce images in portrait mode
  CLOSE: Call with /CLOSE to finish producing the image
  PDF: Call with /PDF to convert the postscript to PDF
  CROP: Set this to crop the whitespace around any image
  PNG: Set this to produce a PNG from the Postscript
  SHOW: Set this to show the file (PDF or PNG) once produced
  LOW: Set this to produce a low-quality (small size) PDF file
  ROTATE: Set this to rotate the image by 90 degrees


  This procedure produces a PostScript file in the current directory
  (unless the name encodes a different directory).

Optional Outputs

  A PDF and/or PNG may also be produced.

Side Effects

  Files are produced in the current folder


  * Must have write access to the current folder.
  * Many parts of this code are written specifically for an OS X
    computer with the following programs installed: pstopdf,
    pdfcrop, sips, gm (graphicsmagick). These are only used if /PDF,
    /CROP, /LOW, /PNG, or /ROTATE are used. The basic PS production
    should work on any computer.


    kdm_ps, /landscape, filename='kdm_ps_test.ps'
    plot, [0,0], [1,1], position=[0,0,1,1]
    xyouts, 0.5, 0.5, 'Hello World', align=0.5, charsize=3, charth=3
    kdm_ps, /close, /pdf, /png, /show, /crop, rotate=-90

Modification History

  Written by: Ken Mankoff, 2009-ish?
  2010-02-02: KDM Added documentation. Changed from ImageMagick
                  (convert) to GraphicsMagick (gm convert).

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