ANNOTATE Procedure: Starts IDL widget used to interactively annotate images and plots with text and drawings.

ARROW Procedure: Draws line with an arrow head.

AXIS Procedure: Draws an axis of the specified type and scale at a given position.

BAR_PLOT Procedure: Creates a bar graph.

BOX_CURSOR Procedure: Emulates operation of a variable-sized box cursor.

CONVERT_COORD: Transforms coordinates to and from coordinate systems.

CONTOUR Procedure: Draws a contour plot.

CROSSP: Sets the various system variables required to define a coordinate system and a 3-D view.

CURSOR Procedure: Reads position of the interactive graphics cursor.

CVTTOBM: Creates a bitmap byte array for a button label.

DEFROI: Defines an irregular region of interest of an image using the image display system and the cursor and mouse.

DEVICE Procedure: Sets to plot in device coordinates.

DRAW_ROI Procedure: Draws a region or group of regions to the current Direct Graphics device.

EMPTY Procedure: Empties the graphics output buffer.

ERASE Procedure: Erases the screen of the current graphics device, or starts a new page if the device is a printer.

ERRPLOT Procedure: Plots error bars over a previously drawn plot.

FLICK Procedure: Causes the display to flicker between two output images at a given rate.

FORMAT_AXIS_VALUES: Formats numbers as strings for use as axis values.

IMAGE_STATISTICS: Overlays an image with a contour plot.

LABEL_REGION: Consecutively labels all of the regions, or blobs, of a bi-level image with a unique region index.

LOADCT Procedure: Loads a pre-defined color table.

OPLOT Procedure: Plots vector data over a previously drawn plot.

OPLOTERR Procedure: Plots error bars over a previously drawn plot.

PLOT Procedure: Draws a graph of vector arguments.

PLOT_3DBOX Procedure: Plots a function of two variables inside a 3-D box.

PLOTERR Procedure: plots individual data points with error bars.

PLOTS Procedure: Plots vectors and points.

POLAR_CONTOUR Procedure: Draws a contour plot from data in polar coordinates.

POLY: Interpolates a surface from polar coordinates (R, Theta, Z) to rectangular coordinates (X, Y, Z).

POLYFILL Procedure: Fills the interior of a polygon.

POLYSHADE Procedure: Creates a shaded-surface representation of one or more solids described by a set of polygons.

PROFILER: Extracts a profile from an image.

PS_SHOW_FONTS: Interactively examines image profiles.

PROJECT_VOL Procedure: Returns a two-dimensional image that is the projection of a 3-D volume of data onto a plane (similar to an X-ray).

RDPIX Procedure: Interactively displays the X position, Y position, and pixel value at the cursor.

SCALE3 Procedure: Sets up transformation and scaling parameters for basic 3-D viewing.

SCALE3D Procedure: Scales the 3-D unit cube (a cube with the length of each side equal to 1) into the viewing area.

SETENV: Sets the output device used by the Direct Graphics procedures.

SET_SHADING Procedure: Modifies the light source shading parameters that affect the output of SHADE_SURF and POLYSHADE.

SHADE_SURF Procedure: Creates a shaded-surface representation of a regular or nearly-regular gridded surface.

SHADE_SURF_IRR Procedure: Creates a shaded-surface representation of an irregularly gridded elevation dataset.

SHADE_VOLUME Procedure: Given a 3-D volume and a contour value, produces a list of vertices and polygons describing the contour surface.

SHOW3 Procedure: Combines an image, a surface plot of the image data, and a contour plot of the images data in a single tri-level display.

SURFACE Procedure: draws a representation of a two-dimensional array projected into three dimensions, with hidden lines removed.

THREED Procedure: Plots a 2D array as a pseudo 3D plot.

TV Procedure: Displays an image.

TVCRS Procedure: Manipulates the image display cursor.

TVLCT Procedure: Loads a predefined color table or a color table from specified variables.

TVRD: Returns the contents of the specified rectangular portion of the current graphics window or device.

TVSCL Procedure: Scales and displays an image.

WRITE_BMP: Creates a window for the display of graphics or text.

WSET Procedure: Selects the current window.

WSHOW Procedure: Exposes or hides the designated window.

XYOUTS Procedure: Draws text on currently-selected graphics device.

ZOOM Procedure: Zooms portions of the display.

ZOOM_24 Procedure: Zooms portions of true-color (24-bit) display.