This routine has been deprecated and renamed to ENVIGLTRasterSpatialRef.

This is a reference to an ENVIRasterSpatialRefGLT object. A geographic lookup table (GLT) contains map locations for every pixel of the image it is associated with. A GLT raster consists of two bands: sample numbers and line numbers of the georeferenced image. NPP VIIRS Latitude and Longitude bands combined are one example of a GLT raster object.

You can also retrieve the reference to an ENVIRasterSpatialRefGLT object associated with a raster with ENVIRaster's SPATIALREF property. If you print this object, all properties will display regardless of the spatial reference type.


; Launch the application
e = ENVI()
; Open an NPP VIIRS file
file = DIALOG_PICKFILE (TITLE='Select an NPP VIIRS .h5 file')
raster = e.OpenRaster(file)
spatialref = raster[0].SpatialRef
PRINT, SpatialRef




Properties marked as (Get) can be retrieved, but not set.


A reference to an ENVIRaster that contains the Longitude band of an NPP VIIRS file.


A reference to an ENVIRaster that contains the Latitude band of an NPP VIIRS file.

Version History

ENVI 5.0.3


ENVI 5.1