The HDF_VD_WRITE procedure stores data in a VData in an HDF file.

There are many restrictions on writing data to a VData. When writing multiple fields of varying types, only limited error checking is possible. When writing a series of fields all with the same type, data is converted to that type before writing. For example:

Vdat = HDF_VD_ATTACH(Fid, -1, /WRITE)
; Create a 10 integer vector:
Data = INDGEN(10)
; Data converted to FLOAT before write:
HDF_VD_WRITE, Vdat, 'PX', Data

It is possible to write less data than exists in the Data argument by using the NRECORDS keyword. For example, the following command writes 5 records, instead of the 10 implied by the size of the data (VEL is assumed to be of type FLOAT, order=3):


VEL now contains [ [ 0.0, 1.0, 2.0 ], ..., [ 12.0, 13.0, 14.0] ]

HDF_VD_WRITE will not allow a user to specify more records than exist. For example, the following command fails:

HDF_VD_WRITE, Vdat, 'VEL', [1,2,3], NREC=1000

Known Issues

HDF vdatas can only be appended or overwritten if they are defined at creation with a file interlacing mode of FULL_INTERLACE. Records in a fully interlaced vdata are written record-by-record which allows them to be appended or overwritten. For further information, consult the “Writing to Multi-Field Vdatas” section in the HDF User's Guide published by the National Center for Supercomputing (available at


It is not possible to write IDL structures directly to a VData (because of possible internal padding depending upon fields/machine architecture, etc.). The user must put the data into a byte array before using HDF_VD_WRITE.

When writing a series of fields all with the same type, the low order dimension of Data must match the sum of the orders of the fields. For example:


fails. PX and PY are both order 1 (total 2) and the array’s low order dimension is 3.


HDF_VD_WRITE, VData, Fields, Data [, /FULL_INTERLACE | , /NO_INTERLACE] [, NRECORDS=records]



The VData handle returned by a previous call to HDF_VD_ATTACH.


A string containing a comma-separated list of the fields to be written.


The data to be written to the specified VData.



Set this keyword to use full interlace when writing (the default).


Set this keyword to use no interlace when writing.


The number of records to written. By default, HDF_VD_WRITE writes all records from a VData.

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