The IDLjavaObject::GetProperty procedure method retrieves properties (known as data members in Java) from the Java object that underlies the IDLjavaObject. The Java object’s property names are represented as IDL keywords to the GetProperty method, and property values are treated as IDL keyword values.


Obj->[IDLjavaObject::]GetProperty [, PROPERTY=variable]





The Java object property names are mapped to IDL keywords. The underlying property values are treated as IDL keyword values, which is the same convention for other IDL objects.

Note: The provided keywords must map directly to a property name or IDL issues an error. Any keyword passed into either of the property routines is assumed to be a fully-qualified Java property name. As such, the partial keyword name functionality provided by IDL is not valid with IDL Java based objects.

The variable may be an IDL primitive type, an instance of IDLJavaObject, or an array of IDL primitive types.

Note: Besides other Java based objects, no complex types (structures, pointers, etc.) are supported as parameters to method calls.

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