The ENVI application programming interface (API) lets you customize ENVI functionality for your specific needs. An ENVI+IDL license is required to work with the API. These topics will help you get started writing simple IDL scripts to:

  • Automate common image-processing tasks such as classification and principal components analysis (PCA)
  • Process several data files at once in batch mode
  • Work with multiple layers of data
  • Interactively control multiple views in the user interface
  • Manage metadata such as add custom fields, edit or remove existing fields

The core foundation of the API was first introduced in ENVI 5.0 to provide control over the new user interface design, to take advantage of faster image and vector processing, and to support the use of multiple data layers. We are continually adding more functionality and image-processing routines to the API with each version of ENVI.

See the following sections: