The .FULL_RESET_SESSION command does everything .RESET_SESSION does, plus the following:

  • Removes all system routines installed via LINKIMAGE or a DLM.
  • Removes all structure definitions installed via a DLM.
  • Removes all message blocks added by DLMs or by the DEFINE_MSGBLK or DEFINE_MSGBLK_FROM_FILE routines.
  • Unloads all sharable libraries loaded into IDL via CALL_EXTERNAL, LINKIMAGE, or a DLM.
  • Re-initializes all DLMs to their unloaded initial state.
  • If the Restart Bridge setting in the IDL-Java Bridge configuration file is set to True, as described in Initializing the IDL-Java Bridge (Connectivity Bridges), restart the IDL-Java bridge.
  • Automatic garbage collection for pointers and objects is re-enabled, if it was previously disabled.

.FULL_RESET_SESSION is an executive command. Executive commands can only be used at the IDL command prompt, not in programs. It is intended for developers who are creating DLMs or bridges between other languages. It avoids having to restart IDL when you want to reload a DLM. For normal, everyday use of IDL, use .RESET_SESSION to clear out IDL's variables and compiled files.