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      Add one or more drop-down menus for help text to given base.


Calling Sequence

      add_helpmenu, base, file


      base = Widget ID (WID) of base for menus. in
      file = Name of menu layout text file. in
          This may be a text array instead.

Keyword Parameters


        /DETAILS displays a commented example layout file.
        /DEMO Show a demo drop-down menu. This demo also
          documents the use of this routine. May also give
          the name of a menu layout file to test, or the
          layout text in an array.
        CHECK=file Specify a layout file to check.
          Checks given file for expected format.
        CMD=cmd String to use as first word in the uval of
          each menu item (def='UHELP'). This is needed when
          using several layout files to add several help menus.
        TEXTOUT=txt The returned text from the layout file.
          This text can be added to the top level info structure
          so it is available in the event handler. It could be
          saved under a tag with the cmd string in it.
        ERROR=err Error flag: 0=ok. Indicates if the requested
          help menu could not be set up.


Common Blocks


      Notes: The menu layout file contains a description
        of the drop-down menu which may have nested levels.

Modification History

      R. Sterner, 2008 Oct 20
  Copyright (C) 2008, Johns Hopkins University/Applied Physics Laboratory
  This software may be used, copied, or redistributed as long as it is not
  sold and this copyright notice is reproduced on each copy made. This
  routine is provided as is without any express or implied warranties
  whatsoever. Other limitations apply as described in the file disclaimer.txt.

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