The IDLffJPEG2000::SetUUID procedure method allows you to add UUID boxes when creating a new JPEG2000 file. This method can only be called when the JPEG2000 object was created with the WRITE property set. Each call to SetUUID will add a new uuidbox to the JPEG2000 file.

A JPEG2000 file can contain zero or more uuid boxes. Each uuid box is made up of a uuid field and a user data field. A uuid box allows the user to store application specific data inside a JPEG2000 file using a universally unique identifier. User data is not compressed when the file is written.


Obj->[IDLffJPEG2000::] SetUUID, uuid, Data



The uuid argument must be a 16 byte array. If uuid passed in already has been used in a previous SetUUID call, an error is issued. The uuid is written into the uuid field of the new uuid box.


The Data argument must be an array. The array can be of any type and any length. SetUUID treats the array as a stream of bytes. The stream of bytes are written into the data field of the new uuid box.



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