The IDLgrVRML object allows you to save the contents of an Object Graphics hierarchy into a VRML 2.0 format file. The graphics tree can only contain a single view due to limitations in the VRML specification. The resulting VRML file is interactive and allows you to explore the geometry interactively using a VRML browser.

Note: Objects or subclasses of this type can not be saved or restored.

Note: Tiled images are not supported on IDLgrVRML.

Aspect ratios are difficult to duplicate as they can be browser dependent. The object is limited to the primitives supported by VRML. Texture maps (and images) will be inlined into the output file. While this will generate large VRML files, the files are fully self-contained.

Several entities cannot be translated perfectly. These include:

IDLgrImage Objects

Rotation and Z buffer behavior are not completely supported. Image objects will be converted into texture mapped polygons. BLEND_FUNCTION is not completely supported (only binary srcAlpha,1-srcAlpha) This function is applied automatically if an alpha channel is present. It is also very browser dependent. Channel masks are not supported.

IDLgrPolygon and IDLgrSurface Objects

Hidden line/hidden point display, color and vertex color blending with texture colors, and bottom color are not supported. Shading may be browser dependent. Front face culling is not supported and back face culling is only supported at the browser’s discretion.

Note: The AMBIENT material property is not supported.

IDLgrLight Objects

Lighting scope and intensity may be browser dependent.

IDLgrText Objects

Text using the ONGLASS property is only supported for the initial view.

IDLgrViewgroup, IDLgrScene, IDLgrVolume Objects

These objects are not supported.

IDLgrPalette Objects

Palette objects are simulated using an RGB color model.

IDLgrPattern Objects

Only solid or clear patterns are supported.

IDLgrFont, IDLgrSymbol Objects

The THICK property is not supported.

IDLgrPolyline, IDLgrSymbol, IDLgrSurface, IDLgrPolygon and IDLgrPlot Objects

Line attributes (thickness, linestyle) are not supported.

IDLgrView Objects

Z-clipping control, aspect ratio preservation, the LOCATION property, and orthographic projections are not supported.

Destination Objects

The COLOR_MODEL property is not fully supported in Indexed Color mode, when using a SHADER_RANGE (an RGB model will be substituted instead). The QUALITY property is not supported.




See IDLgrVRML::Init.


Objects of this class have the following properties. See IDLgrVRML Properties for details on individual properties.

In addition, objects of this class inherit the properties of all superclasses of this class.


This class has the following methods:

In addition, this class inherits the methods of its superclasses (if any).

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