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I/O - General File Access

APP_USER_DIR Provides access to the application user directory.
APP_USER_DIR_QUERY Locates existing application user directories.
FILE_BASENAME Returns the final segment of a file path.
FILE_CHMOD Changes the current access permission associated with a file or directory.
FILE_COPY Copies files or directories to a new location.
FILE_DELETE Removes a file or empty directory.
FILE_DIRNAME Returns the directory name of a file path consisting of everything except the final segment of the file path.
FILE_EXPAND_PATH Returns a fully qualified path regardless of the current working directory.
FILE_INFO Returns status information about a file.
FILE_LINES Returns the number of lines of text in a file.
FILE_LINK Creates Unix file links.
FILE_MKDIR Creates a new directory or directories.
FILE_MODTIME Returns the modification time of the specified file or files.
FILE_MOVE Renames files and directories.
FILE_POLL_INPUT Blocks processing until it detects that a read operation on a specified file will succeed.
FILE_READLINK Returns the path pointed to by a Unix symbolic link.
FILE_SAME Determines it two different file names refer to the same underlying file.
FILE_SEARCH Returns a string array containing the names of all files matching the input path specification.
FILE_TEST Test a file or directory for existence and other specific attributes.
FILE_WHICH Returns the path for the first file for the given name found by searching the specified path.
FILEPATH Returns full path to a file in the IDL distribution.
FOLDERWATCH Monitors folders for changes and invokes a user-defined callback whenever a change occurs.
FSTAT Returns information about a specified file unit.
PATH_SEP Returns the proper file path segment separator character for the current operating system.
XDISPLAYFILE Displays ASCII text file in scrolling text widget.

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