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LL_ARC_DISTANCE Returns the longitude and latitude of a point given arc distance and azimuth.
MAP_2POINTS Returns distance, azimuth, and path relating to the great circle or rhumb line connecting two points on a sphere.
MAP_CONTINENTS Procedure Draws continental boundaries, filled continents, political boundaries, coastlines, and/or rivers, over an existing map projection established by MAP_SET. (Direct Graphics)
MAP_GRID Procedure Draws the graticule of parallels and meridians (grid lines) over a map projection.
MAP_IMAGE Warps an image to a Direct Graphics map projection.
MAP_PATCH Returns an image warped to fit the current map projection. (Use when map data is smaller than the display). (Direct Graphics)
MAP_PROJ_FORWARD Draws parallels and meridians over a map projection.
MAP_PROJ_IMAGE Warps an image from geographic coordinates to a specified map projection.
MAP_PROJ_INFO Procedure Returns information about the current map and/or the available projections.
MAP_PROJ_INIT Returns information about current map and/or the available projections.
MAP_PROJ_INVERSE Transforms map coordinates from Cartesian (X, Y) coordinates to longitude/latitude.
MAP_SET Procedure Specifies a map projection.

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