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Math - Statistical Tools

FACTORIAL Computes the factorial N!.
HIST_2D Returns histogram of two variables.
IMAGE_STATISTICS Overlays an image with a contour plot.
KURTOSIS Computes statistical kurtosis of n-element vector.
MEAN Computes the mean of a numeric vector.
MEANABSDEV Computes the mean absolute deviation of a vector.
MOMENT Computes mean, variance, skewness, and kurtosis.
RANDOMN Returns normally-distributed pseudorandom numbers.
RANDOMU Returns uniformly-distributed pseudorandom numbers.
RANKS Computes magnitude-based ranks.
RUNNING_COVARIANCE Computes the unbiased sample covariance and correlation between two arrays without overflow.
RUNNING_STATS Computes the mean and unbiased sample variance of an array without overflow.
SKEWNESS Computes statistical skewness of an n-element vector.
SOBOLSEQUENCE Generates numbers from a low discrepancy quasi-random sequence.
STDDEV Computes the standard deviation of an n-element vector.
VARIANCE Computes the statistical variance of an n-element vector.

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