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HttpRequest The HttpRequest class allows you to make GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE requests to an HTTP or HTTPS server.
HttpRequest Examples  
HttpRequest Options  
HttpRequest Response Properties  
IDLnetJPIP Provides the ability to stream JPEG2000 imagery from a remote JPIP server to an IDL client, over a network.
IDLnetJPIP Example  
IDLnetJPIP Properties  
IDLnetJPIP::Cleanup Performs all cleanup on the object.
IDLnetJPIP::GetData Use this method to stream image data from a remote JPIP server, or to fetch any portion of the image.
IDLnetJPIP::GetProperty Returns information describing the properties of an IDLnetJPIP object.
IDLnetJPIP::GetStatistics Returns statistics about the last GetData call.
IDLnetJPIP::GetUuid Provides a way to get the data field from the specified UUID (Universally Unique Identifier) box.
IDLnetJPIP::Init Initializes an IDLnetJPIP object.
IDLnetJPIP::Open Opens an image from a remote JPIP server.
IDLnetJPIP::SetProperty Sets the properties on the IDLnetJPIP object.
IDLnetOGCWCS Provides the ability to query and return data from and Open Geospatial Consortium Web Coverage Service server.
IDLnetOGCWCS Properties  
IDLnetOGCWCS::Cleanup Performs all cleanup on the object.
IDLnetOGCWCS::DescribeCoverage Retrieves an XML file containing one or more descriptive coverage offerings from a remote OGC WCS server, writes the file to disk, and parses the file contents before returning.
IDLnetOGCWCS::GetCapabilities Retrieves an XML file containing coverage offering briefs from a remote OGC WCS server, writes the file to disk, and parses the file contents before returning.
IDLnetOGCWCS::GetCoverage Retrieves a data file from a remote OGC WCS server, and writes the file to disk.
IDLnetOGCWCS::GetCoverageOffering Returns a complex structure that contains the details of a single coverage offering, that was returned by IDLnetOGCWCS::DescribeCoverage.
IDLnetOGCWCS::GetCoverageOfferingBriefs Provides access to the coverage offering briefs that were returned and parsed by the IDLnetOGCWCS::GetCapabilities method.
IDLnetOGCWCS::GetProperty Retrieves the value of a property or group of properties for the object.
IDLnetOGCWCS::GetServiceSection Returns the values found in the Service section of the XML file returned by IDLnetOGCWCS::GetCapabilities.
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