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Programming and Control

ARG_PRESENT Returns TRUE if the value of the specified variable can be passed back to the caller.
BIT_FFS Returns the index of the first bit set (non-zero) in an integer.
BIT_POPULATION Returns the number of set (non-zero) bits in an integer.
BREAKPOINT Sets and clears breakpoints for debugging.
BYTEORDER Converts between host and network byte ordering.
CALL_FUNCTION Calls an IDL function.
CALL_METHOD Calls an IDL object method.
CALL_PROCEDURE Calls an IDL procedure.
CODE_COVERAGE Returns information on which lines of code within a routine were not executed.
COMMAND_LINE_ARGS Returns string values supplied when the user starts IDL with the -arg or -args command line options.
COMPILE_CODE Creates and compiles an IDL function or procedure from a scalar string or string array.
COMPILE_OPT Change default rules for compiling routines.
CPU Changes the values stored in the read-only !CPU system variable.
CREATE_CURSOR Creates an image array from a string array that represents a 16 by 16 cursor.
CREATE_STRUCT Creates a structure given pairs of tag names and values.
DEFINE_KEY Programs keyboard function keys.
DEFINE_MSGBLK Defines and loads a new message block into the current IDL session.
DEFINE_MSGBLK_FROM_FILE Reads the definition of a message block from a file, and loads it into the current IDL session.
DEFSYSV Creates a new system variable.
DELVAR Deletes variables from the main IDL program level.
DICTIONARY Compound data type that contains key-value pairs of different data types.
ENABLE_SYSRTN Enables/disables IDL system routines.
EXECUTE Compiles, executes IDL statements contained in a string.
EXIT Quits IDL and exits back to the operating system.
EXPAND_PATH Expands path-definition string into full path name for use with the !PATH system variable.
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