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I/O - Video Data Formats

IDLffMJPEG2000 Provides the ability to read and write Motion JPEG2000 (MJ2) files.
IDLffMJPEG2000 Properties  
IDLffMJPEG2000::Cleanup Performs all cleanup on the object.
IDLffMJPEG2000::Commit Shuts down the background processing thread and closes the MJ2 file that is being written.
IDLffMJPEG2000::GetData Returns data for a specified frame (or component, tile or region of a frame) from an MJ2 file.
IDLffMJPEG2000::GetProperty Retrieves the value of a property or group of properties for the object.
IDLffMJPEG2000::GetSequentialData Returns the frame index number and retrieves the associated frame data from the frame buffer.
IDLffMJPEG2000::Init Initializes the object.
IDLffMJPEG2000::ReleaseSequentialData Releases a frame from the frame buffer during animation playback.
IDLffMJPEG2000::SetData Starts a background processing thread and adds frame data to an MJ2 file that is being created.
IDLffMJPEG2000::SetProperty Sets the value of a property or group of properties for the object.
IDLffMJPEG2000::StartSequentialReading Initiates a sequential playback of a large number of frames.
IDLffMJPEG2000::StopSequentialReading Releases the frame buffer memory and shuts down the background processing thread, if it is still running.
IDLffVideoWrite Creates a video file with an optional soundtrack.
IDLffVideoWrite::AddAudioStream Adds a new audio stream to the file.
IDLffVideoWrite::AddVideoStream Adds a new video stream to the file.
IDLffVideoWrite::Cleanup Finalizes and closes the file.
IDLffVideoWrite::GetCodecs Returns the list of codecs you may use to encode a video or audio stream.
IDLffVideoWrite::GetFormats Returns the video file types you can create.
IDLffVideoWrite::GetStreams Returns an array of structures describing each of the streams contained in the video file.
IDLffVideoWrite::Init Initializes the object and creates the video file.
IDLffVideoWrite::Put Writes data into the stream.
IDLffVideoWrite::SetMetadata Embeds a metadata string in the video file.
QUERY_VIDEO Obtain information about a video file.
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