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NV5 Geospatial whitepapers feature detailed technical information about how product and services have been developed and used across industries to empower you to understand the world around you.


Earth Observation to Mitigate Impacts of Climate Change and Support Sustainable Business Decisions


Author: Nicolai Holzer, L3Harris Abstract Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG)... more »

Effective Wildfire Management Using Remote Sensing Technology


Author: Amanda O'Connor , L3Harris Fire is a naturally occurring phenomenon and is a vital... more »

Hyperspectral Classification Workflows Integrating Dimensionality Expansion for Multispectral Imagery


Authors: Daniel C. Heinz, Thomas Bahr and Greg Terrie (L3Harris Geospatial) Many methods have... more »

Vegetation Analysis: Using...

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ENVI Orthorectification Module

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ENVI Tools for ArcGIS® and ENVI for...

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Harris Deep Learning Technology


Learn how Harris Geospatial Solutions uses deep learning technology to solve real-world problems. Machine learning applications have increased dramatically over the last few years, from object recognition and caption generation, to automatic language translation and driverless cars. Increased computing power, reduced cost of storage, wider... Authors: Michel Ehrlic, Bryan Justice, Braxton Baldridge, L3Harris This whitepaper was originally created a couple years ago to summarize L3Harris Geospatial Solutions’ research & development in deep-learning technology. Since then, we have released the ENVI Deep Learning module. Please refer to the Documentation Center to learn... Read More >

Using ENVI for Agriculture Research | Optical Remote Sensing of Sugarcane Development


Remote sensing is an effective tool for monitoring crop health and development when extensive field studies are not feasible. Using remote sensing to monitor development stages throughout the growing season (also called phenology) can help provide better estimates of productivity, yield forecasts, and biomass.

Read More >

ENVI Automated Image Registration Solutions


Image registration is the process of aligning two or more images, by locating and matching feature points in the images. Those points are typically called tie points. The corresponding tie points are then used to compute the parameters of a geometric transformation between the two images. This whitepaper provides an introduction to the ENVI... Read More >

Accuracy Assessment of Passive Point Clouds


Background Passive point clouds have become a pervasive data modality for remote sensing analyses. A passive point cloud is a three-dimensional dataset representing the horizontal and vertical position of everything on the surface of an area. These points are generated using photogrammetric algorithms that take advantage of the parallax... Read More >

Geospatial Solutions in the Cloud


What are Geospatial Analytics? Geospatial analytics allow people to ask questions of data that exist within a spatial context. Usually this means extracting information from remotely sensed data such as multispectral imagery or LiDAR that is focused on observing the Earth and the things happening on it, both in a static sense or over a... Read More >



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