Use this class to wrap an IDL procedure as an ENVITask. It inherits from ENVITask. When you set the base_class key in a task template to ENVITaskFromProcedure, this class will do the following when the task runs:

  • Call the user-defined IDL procedure referenced by the ROUTINE property
  • Translate IDLParameter* values to the keywords in the IDL procedure

Note: The IDL procedure must use only keywords, not positional parameters.

You can also write a custom base class that inherits from ENVITaskFromProcedure, for example, to add more input parameter validation or to add functionality to the custom task without having to update the IDL procedure. See Example: Define a Base Class that Inherits from ENVITaskFromProcedure.


ENVITaskFromProcedure has the same methods as ENVITask, plus the following:





ENVITaskFromProcedure inherits all properties from ENVITask.

Version History

ENVI 5.2. 1


API Version


See Also

ENVITask, Custom Tasks