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AdditiveLeeAdaptiveFilter Task Applies a Lee adaptive filter to smooth noisy data that has an additive component.
AdditiveMultiplicativeLeeAdaptiveFilter Task Applies a Lee adaptive filter to smooth noisy data that has both an additive and a multiplicative component.
AgriculturalStressClassification Task This task performs raster classification based on Agricultural Stress Estimate. The result is a map showing the distribution of crop stress.
ApplyGainOffset Task This task applies custom gain and offset values to each band of a raster, updating the pixel values accordingly.
ASCIIToROI Task Creates a single ROI from the geometry of a columned ASCII file.
ASCIIToVector Task Creates a vector from the geometry of a columned ASCII file.
AutoChangeThresholdClassification Task This task uses pre-defined thresholding techniques to automatically classify change detection between two images.
BinaryAutomaticThresholdRaster Task Calculates a threshold value for each band and creates a new masked raster based on those thresholds
BinaryGTThresholdRaster Task Creates a new raster where values above a specified threshold are set to 1 and all other values are set to 0.
BinaryLTThresholdRaster Task Creates a new raster where values below a specified threshold are set to 1 and all other values are set to 0.
BitErrorAdaptiveFilter Task Applies a bit error adaptive filter to a raster, to remove bit-error noise, which is usually the result of spikes in the data caused by isolated pixels that have extreme values unrelated to the image scene.
BuildBandStack Task Builds a band-stacked raster (also called a metaspectral raster), which is a stack of ENVIRasters with the same dimensions.
BuildGridDefinitionFromRaster Task Returns a grid definition, which provides the information needed to georeference rasters to a common coordinate system.
BuildIrregularGridMetaspatialRaster Task  
BuildLayerStack Task Builds a layer-stacked raster from a set of rasters that will be regridded to a common spatial grid.
BuildMetaspatialRaster Task This task constructs an ENVIRaster from an array of source rasters that overlap or contain gaps in coverage.
BuildMosaicRaster Task Builds a mosaic raster based on a set of input rasters.
BuildRasterPyramids Task This task creates pyramid files for rasters. Pyramids are copies of the data at various reduced resolutions, used to speed image display.
BuildRasterSeries Task Builds an ENVI raster series file for spatiotemporal analysis.
BuildTemporalCube Task This task creates a multiband raster where each band represents a different date/time.
BuildTimeSeries Task Sorts a series of ENVIRasters by acquisition time and builds an ENVI raster series file.
CalculateCloudMaskForProduct Task Uses the Fmask algorithm to calculate a cloud mask
CalculateCloudMaskUsingFmask Task Calculates a cloud mask.
CalculateConfusionMatrixFromRaster Task Returns a reference to an ENVIConfusionMatrix object computed from a classification raster and truth ROIs.
CalculateQUACGainOffset Task Calculates the gain and offset for QUick Atmospheric Correction (QUAC) on multispectral or hyperspectral imagery.
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