Use this procedure to display an ENVI Classic report widget. The contents of the string argument are displayed in a text widget. An interactive ENVI Classic session is required to run this procedure.


ENVI_INFO_WID, Str [, TITLE=string] [, XS=integer] [, YS=integer]



This is an array of strings to display in the text widget. Each element in the string array is displayed on a separate line. Use a null value ('') for a blank line.


TITLE (optional)

Use this optional string keyword to specify the title of the report widget.

XS (optional)

Use this keyword to specify the number of columns in the text widget.

YS (optional)

Use this keyword to specify the number of rows in the text widget.


This example displays three lines of text with one blank line in a report widget.

str = ['Line 1', 'Next line is blank', '', 'Line 4']
envi_info_wid, str, title='Report'

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