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ENVI Classic Display

AUTO_WID_MNG Automatically perform event handling for an ENVI compound widget.
DISP_GET_LOCATION Return the x,y location of a selected pixel.
DISP_GOTO Move the cursor to a specified location.
DISP_OUT_IMG Output to Postscript.
ENVI_BATCH_STATUS_WINDOW Enable and disable the ENVI batch status window.
ENVI_CENTER Return the centering offsets for a widget.
ENVI_CLOSE_DISPLAY Close a display group.
ENVI_COLLECT_SPECTRA Perform Endmember Collection.
ENVI_DEFINE_MENU_BUTTON Add buttons to the ENVI menu system automatically from a user-defined routine in a .pro or .sav file within the save_add directory.
ENVI_DISP_QUERY Return display group information.
ENVI_DISPLAY_BANDS Display an image in a display group.
ENVI_GET_DISPLAY_NUMBERS Return a list of display numbers.
ENVI_GET_IMAGE Return spatial image data from a display group.
ENVI_GET_PATH Return the path where the current version of ENVI is installed.
ENVI_INFO_WID Display text data in a 'report' widget.
ENVI_IO_ERROR Report input/output processing errors.
ENVI_PICKFILE Use this widget to select a filename from disk.
ENVI_REPORT_ERROR Report error message strings through the standard ENVI error reporting mechanism.
ENVI_REPORT_INC Set the status report increment.
ENVI_REPORT_INIT Initialize and end a status report.
ENVI_REPORT_STAT Update status report widget with percent complete.
ENVI_SELECT Use this widget to select an open ENVI file or band.
ENVI_TOGGLE_CATCH Toggle the ENVI error catching mechanism on and off.
WIDGET_AUTO_BASE Create a base widget for auto-managed events.
WIDGET_EDIT Create a compound widget used to edit multiple values from lists.
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