This routine has been replaced with the following methods: ENVI::OpenRaster, ENVI::OpenROI, and ENVI::OpenVector.

Use this procedure to open an ENVI Classic file. The value of R_FID will be the reference for accessing any information about this file.





This is the name and path of the file to open.


INVISIBLE (optional)

Set this keyword to prevent the file from automatically displaying in the ENVI Classic interface. This keyword only applies when using ENVI_OPEN_FILE in ENVI Classic programming. A file opened with the INVISIBLE keyword set will not appear in the Available Bands List and will not automatically display.


Set this keyword to suppress bringing up the ENVI Header Information dialog when a valid header file does not exist for Fname. If you set this keyword and a valid header file does not exist, the file cannot be opened and an invalid file ID is returned in the keyword R_FID.

NO_REALIZE (optional)

Set this keyword to suppress opening the Available Bands List. If it is already open, this keyword has no effect.

R_FID (optional)

ENVI Classic library routines that result in new images also have an R_FID, or “returned FID.” This is simply a named variable containing the file ID to access the processed data. Specifying this keyword saves you the step of opening the new file from disk.