This routine is obsolete and has been replaced with ENVIUI::SelectInputData.

This function produces a widget that prompts you to choose a file on disk. This is different than ENVI_SELECT, which selects a file or band already open in ENVI Classic. ENVI_PICKFILE produces the same widget as choosing File > Open Image File from the ENVI Classic main menu bar. This routine does not actually open a file; instead, it returns the fully qualified file path as a string. It is often used when you know a user will open a new file from disk, or when you do not intend to use ENVI Classic routines to process the file (for example, when you just need to get the name of the file).

An interactive ENVI Classic session is required to run this function.


Result = ENVI_PICKFILE([, DEFAULT=string] [, /DIRECTORY] [, FILTER=string] [, /MULTIPLE_FILES] [, /NO_CHANGE] [, /OUTPUT] [, TITLE=string])


DEFAULT (optional)

Use this keyword to specify a default filename and output path. You must use the keyword OUTPUT for DEFAULT to take effect.

DIRECTORY (optional)

Set this keyword to select an output directory instead of a file.

FILTER (optional)

Use this keyword to specify the filename filter to apply to the file list. This keyword is ignored if you set the OUTPUT keyword.


Set this keyword to select multiple files using Shift-click (to select multiple contiguous files) or Ctrl-click (to individually select multiple files) methods.

NO_CHANGE (optional)

Set this keyword to inhibit changing the current ENVI Classic output or data directory, regardless of what directory the file was selected from. Normally the directory is updated to the location of the selected file.

OUTPUT (optional)

Set this keyword to use the current ENVI Classic output directory instead of the current ENVI data directory.


Use this keyword to specify the title of the file selection widget.