This procedure spectrally resamples individual spectra.


ENVI_RESAMPLE_SPECTRA, I_WL, I_Spec, O_WL, O_Spec [, BAD_VALUE=value] [, INTERLEAVE={0 | 1 | 2}] , OUT_DT=integer [, OUT_FWHM=array]



This is a vector of input wavelengths corresponding to the input spectra (I_Spec).


This is a vector of input spectra to be resampled.


This is a vector containing the output wavelengths to resample to. This argument must have the same units as I_WL.


This is a vector containing the resampled output spectra.


BAD_VALUE (optional)

Use this keyword to specify a value for spectra that fall outside the input wavelength range. In this case, no extrapolation will be performed. All spectra values equal to BAD_VALUE are considered bad values. BAD_VALUE is a single number.

INTERLEAVE (optional)

Set this keyword to one of the following values to specify an interleave type:

  • 0: BSQ
  • 1: BIL
  • 2: BIP


This keyword indicates the IDL data type of the output data. Set the keyword to one of the following integer values:

  • 1: Byte (8 bits)
  • 2: Integer (16 bits)
  • 3: Long integer (32 bits)
  • 4: Floating-point (32 bits)
  • 5: Double-precision floating-point (64 bits)
  • 6: Complex (2x32 bits)
  • 9: Double-precision complex (2x64 bits)
  • 12: Unsigned integer (16 bits)
  • 13: Unsigned long integer (32 bits)
  • 14: Long 64-bit integer
  • 15: Unsigned long 64-bit integer

OUT_FWHM (optional)

Use this keyword to specify an array of floating-point values representing FWHM responses for each output band. The number of elements in this array is equal to the number of output bands.

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